Rana Basharat Ali Khan will cut off the hands raised towards Pakistan

London: I will not allow the conspiracies against Pakistan to succeed at the UN and at the international level. Rana Basharat Ali Khan will cut off the hands raised towards Pakistan. Rana Basharat Ali Khan 270 Organizations and Fake Websites Working Against Pakistan Following the efforts of Rana Basharat Ali Khan, he was blacklisted by the United Nations and the European Union. Harana Basharat Ali Khan has launched an online petition to terminate its membership. Basharat Ali Khan has played an important role in exposing 270 organizations working against Pakistan to the world and through his efforts all these websites and organizations are not just nations. Indians have filed an online petition seeking to terminate their membership in the United Nations against being blacklisted by the United Nations and the European Union.In which Rana Basharat Ali Khan has been declared a terrorist and his membership in the United Nations has been terminated. Besides, after Rana Basharat Ali Khan’s tough stance on Kashmir in the United Nations. There are more than 270 websites and organizations in more than 65 countries around the world that use various tactics to discredit him and publish various details against him on social media to spread false propaganda against Pakistan and to break Pakistan. People are given false information. The main purpose of these websites is to discredit Pakistan all over the world and hinder Pakistan’s development and especially to harm Pakistan’s foreign relations and Pakistan’s tourism. Propaganda against Pakistan all over the world, especially in front of and within the United Nations and the European Union and important institutions around the world, which gives the impression thatGiven that Pakistan is not a safe haven for people all over the world, it promotes terrorists and plays an important role in spreading terrorism around the world. The real purpose of all these websites and organizations is to make India Promoting ideology and weakening Pakistan’s foreign and political status all over the world and breaking Pakistan and giving conspiracies against Pakistan and false news against Pakistan so that Pakistani passport is not respected all over the world and the people of the world These organizations and websites for tourism in Pakistan make millions of dollars annually with a wider network around the world aimed solely at defaming Pakistan and conspiring against Pakistan. Anti-Pakistan protests outside the United Nations Office for Human Rights. Next year, many took to the streets of Geneva, including messages of ‘Free Balochistan’.There were posters with messages in support of Pakistan’s minorities and the name of the EOPM. Demonstrations were held outside the UN office in Geneva with reference to Balochistan and an online campaign was launched. All of these demonstrations were widely publicized by the Times of Geneva, a media organization affiliated with the same network. I look very active. His Twitter account shows that he retweets every tweet and campaign of EOPM and often addresses people who are known for having anti-Islamic views. According to the network, more than 250 fake websites were found which were publishing news in support of the Indian narrative from old and inactive or fakely named newspapers. Anti-Pakistan content was published on these websites.And there were reports of various campaigns launched by fake NGOs. The most popular of these fake websites was the Times of Geneva, which included news as well as several video interviews aimed at attracting the attention of UN officials.

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