Indian brutal, apartheid regimes involved in Extra Judicial killings of common men from religious minorities

Indian brutal, apartheid regimes involved in Extra Judicial killings of common men from religious minorities even majority Dalits most importantly the innocent people of Jammu & Kashmir.

Today I am talking about a fascist, negatively colored in saffron, even today living in superiority complex of castes of ruling elite of India, An India that already sank into Nazism kind of apartheid Regime of Modi aka Prime Murderer of Muslim Minority in Gujrat city of India year 2002

India that is fast becoming a rouge state in the hands of religious fanatics of RSS under the rule of BJP & Modi now using Indian Police, power of the state, Army to kill/eliminate minorities on daily bases.

As we all know disputed issue of state of Jammu & Kashmir that is captured by 8 hundred thousand Indian armed goons since decades, now Kashmir has become an open jail for 8 million Kashmiri Muslims since India removed the article 370 that gave disputed Jammu & Kashmir special status to take over state of Jammu & Kashmir from state majority population of Muslims, changing state demography by allowing non local, non-resident Hindu religious fanatics at mass level as a part of state sponsored apartheid of ruling BJP of RSS mindset.

We need to denounce extra-judicial killings of Kashmiri youth by Indian occupation forces in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IOJ&K).

“More than 110 innocent Kashmiris have been martyred by the Indian occupation forces during the past 5 months in fake encounters and so-called cordon-and-search operations,”

State sponsored extra judicial killings of Kashmiris is very common since decades, so far above 100 thousand Kashmiri lost their lives in the hands of Indian state policy of killings, same is with local population Nagaland, Khalistan also known as Indian Punjab, South Indians majority states of Native language speakers.

67 Independence movements legitimately opposing Indian State brutalities, massacres of the innocent people.

Since start of BJP, Modi’s regime under the umbrella of RSS Hindutva fascists now a new form of extra judicial killings erupted all over India with the name of Cow Protection Vigilantes.

People, common man specially minorities cannot consume Cow neither other animal’s beef under the fear of being beaten till death openly allowed by local authorities, police, in most of such cases police let mobs kill victims by standing as audience later on take the dead bodies to hospitals faking as bringing dead bodies to hospital for medical treatment.

As of 2016, cow protection vigilante groups were estimated to have sprung up in thousands” of towns and villages in northern, central India. There were an estimated 200 such groups in Delhi the Indian Capital alone. Some of the larger groups claim up to 5,000 members.

One kind of cow protection groups are gangs who patrol highways and roads at night, looking for trucks that might be transporting ” Indian term smuggling” cows across the state borders. These gangs can be armed; they justify this by claiming that “cow smugglers” themselves are often armed. The Haryana branch of Bhartyia Gau Raksha Dal described to The Guardian that it had exchanged gunfire with alleged smugglers, killed several of them and lost several of its members too. The gangs have been described as “unorganized”, and gang leaders admit that their members can be hard to control.

The vigilantes often have a network of informers consisting of cobblers, rickshaw drivers, vegetable vendors etc., who alert them to supposed incidents of cow slaughter. The group members and their network often use social media to circulate information. Their relationship with the police is openly recognized, said by local authorities, most of the vigilantes claim to work with the police.

Here we need to question how gangs of local members of ruling party of India BJP justify the killings of any common man for carrying beef, cow slaughter or consuming of beef?

Religious violence with the help, in the protection of authorities, police against Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Dalits in not very new in India but any day, any time it broke out between Hindus and Muslims, Hindus and Christians, Hindus and Sikhs most importantly against majority of Indian population Dalits is now state policy of religious fanatics of RSS the mother party of ruling BJP..

RSS a Hindu nationalist extremist group is the root cause of rioting starts anyday rapidly expanded to major cities and towns of any state in India. The violence included attacks on Muslim, Christians, Sikhs, Dalits are very common now. Under the protection of ruling party, its MLA’s, even police are being used in violence erupts and continued over days or weeks.

To have a look on today’s Indian state sponsored killings of minorities deeply let me tell you the root cause of the extra judicial killings of common men from minorities.

But mainly what I want to clearly say about today’s India is that the state is now highjacked in the hands of religious fanatics those believe in caste system, called themselves superior obviously it is a form of superiority complex.

Let us talk again about Jammu & Kashmir

“In the last few days alone, another eight Kashmiris have been martyred in Pulwama and Shopian,” holding the Modi-led BJP leadership responsible for the “politically-motivated, arbitrary” killings of Kashmiris.

The international law prohibits arbitrary deprivation of life and extra-judicial killings and this norm is codified in every major human rights treaty and convention.

“No illegal Act, such as the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA), can sanctify or provide legal cover to a crime recognized as such by international law.”

It called upon the international community to take immediate cognizance of the persistent reports of arbitrary and extra-judicial killings in IOJ&K, falsely labelled as having been the result of “encounters” or as having occurred in “cross-fire”.

The virtual impunity of the Indian occupation forces must end and the perpetrators must be held accountable for such heinous crimes against the Kashmiri people.

Let me mention the history of Jammu and Kashmir Issue, The people of Kashmir have been living under oppressive rule since before the partition of the Sub-continent (back then a minority elite ruled over its Muslim majority). Post 1947, after the then Kashmiri ruler, with the support of British technocrats, handed the region over to India without taking into account the will of the people, Kashmiris have been fighting for their right of self-determination. When India and Pakistan both laid claim to the Valley, it was split along the Line of Control between ‘Azad’ Kashmir and the Indian-Occupied, Jammu and Kashmir. Every few years, the cycle of violence re-erupts and protests begin all over again in the world’s most heavily militarized region.

Despite the United Nations Security Council Resolution 47, passed on April 21, 1948, India continues to refuse holding a plebiscite to determine the status of Kashmir.

Pakistan has been raising its voice for the Kashmir cause at all international forums, and has also proposed the demilitarization of the Valley, for the ‘greater good of the people residing in it. However, India’s response has not been forthcoming, up until the very latest uprising led by Kashmiri youth who call it an “intifada”. The Indian state has imposed curfews, imposed censorship and restriction of access to international media as it fired pellets to quell massive crowds, blinding many and attracting criticism both at home and abroad.

After the Modi regime came into power in India, BJP under the umbrella of RSS kept growing its fascist ideology of elimination minorities is spread all over India, same time India is involved in killings of Sikhs in Punjab demanding free land as Khalistan to save themselves from Hindutva oppression since decades. Extra judicial killings and Brutalities of Indian armed forces in the states of Tripura, Meghalaya, Manipur, Assam, Nagaland are as common as they are in Jammu and Kashmir.

The fall of Fascist Nazi kind Hindutva regime of Modi & fascist ideology of RSS will only let the minorities such as Muslims, Christians, Sikh & Majority Dalits find the peace. Same is with the people of Tripura, Meghalaya, Manipur, Assam, Nagaland are as common as they are in Jammu and Kashmir.

Minimum actions of counter Indian State Sponsored killings, lynching mobs, fascism we must ask countries, Government bodies, UN and all International forums to ban, sanction Indian State, Modi Regime of Nazism kind.

For the sake of Humanity, for the sake of Peace, for the sake of justice we owe this responsibility to make Hindutva fascist state of India answerable to the humanity, mankind for the sake of again peace & justice.

Please be aware if we kept silent, if we kept ourselves just an audience of this apartheid, fascist actions of Indian State we will let an other Hitler kind emerge that caused loss of millions of human lives on his hands alone.

Let us say loudly, let us speak loudly, let us stand firm to end this oppression of Hindutva, oppression of caste system, oppression of superiority complex.

Act now against War Criminal India, Modi, RSS, BJP or else we will be responsible for the losses of countless lives, countless innocent people belongs to minorities even majority of Dalits in India.

May we act accordingly, may we act united, may we succeed in this noble cause.


Rana Basharat Ali Khan

International Human Rights Observe

Mob 0044 77 2002 1978


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