The India should abide by the UN resolutions on the Kashmir issue and immediately end the ongoing human rights violations.

“If the world does nothing to stop the Indian invasion of Kashmir and its people, the two nuclear-armed states will come directly close to the military.”

Basharat Khan is a global human rights observer at the United Nations

The Government of India should abide by the UN resolutions on this issue and immediately end the ongoing human rights violations, says Basharat Khan, International Human Rights Observer at the UN:

Rana Basharat Ali Khan today demanded the Government of India to immediately restore normalcy in the region, release the political leadership and allow international media to visit the Valley, unilaterally repealing Article 370 of the Indian Constitution. In which Jammu and Kashmir has been guaranteed special status by the government. India has detained many prominent political leaders in the Valley. The imposition of curfew for 22 consecutive days has paralyzed the daily life of the people of Jammu and Kashmir and the worst human rights violations continue. Which are unrecorded. Communications blockades and restrictions on reporting to the media have turned an information into a black hole and Raglan has become a fool. He said that the United Nations should take concrete and timely steps in the light of the resolutions already passed by the Security Council, otherwise it would be a black mark on the face of humanity and the UN. It is a great challenge for the United Nations and other human rights organizations to establish their credibility. The international community must play its role effectively and in a timely manner or it could lead to the worst human rights crisis in history. He added that the two rival countries are nuclear-armed and immediate neighbors, so the region is on the path to nuclear war, which would be catastrophic if it happened. The impact on the planet was felt by the President. Expressed grave concern over the imposition of curfew for 22 consecutive days, which threatens the safety and security of the local population of Jammu and Kashmir. The criminal act of raping women, kidnapping of boys and girls during search operations has become a norm in the valley. The UN Human Rights Council has called on the Government of India to end this practice, calling it “a form of collective punishment” for the people of Jammu and Kashmir and “for the Republic of Kashmir” contrary to the basic principles of collective need and proportion. Be done He reiterated that all international human rights organizations and civilized communities must use their disrespect to stop the bloodshed of innocent and unarmed people. We also call on all international powers to use force against the Indian government. Expect a strong response to stop and stop the basic necessities of life in the valley otherwise it will happen

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