UAE and Israel agreement. It is like stabbing a Palestinian in the back. UAE’s agreement with Israel is a betrayal of Muslims

Rana Basharat Ali Khan to Meet the Palestinian Ambassador to the United Kingdom

while meeting. “We continue to speak out on behalf of Palestinian Muslims at the United Nations and around the world, and it is my responsibility to warn the world against Israeli atrocities,” said Rana Basharat Ali Khan

UAE and Israel agreement

It is like stabbing a Palestinian in the back

UAE’s agreement with Israel is a betrayal of Muslims Rana Basharat Ali Khan

I want to tell the Palestinian Muslim brothers that the hearts of the people of Pakistan beat with the Muslim brothers of Palestine.

On the occasion, the Palestinian Ambassador thanked Rana Basharat Ali Khan for his full representation of the Palestinian people at the United Nations.

Call an OIC meeting and urge the UAE to announce the termination of the agreement with Israel to save the Muslim Ummah from disintegration and to persuade Israel to stop massacring Palestinian Muslims first and remove them from the occupied territories. Give up

The UAE has made a big mistake by signing an agreement with Israel and has betrayed the blood of thousands of Palestinian Muslim martyrs. History has never forgiven them.

They should also keep in mind that our religious devotion to the first qiblah, Al-Aqsa Mosque, is not hidden from anyone who is part of our faith.

Muslims and Palestinians will never give up the land of Palestine, even if the last drop of our blood is shed.

The Al-Aqsa Mosque is the site of the Prophet’s ascension and ascension. The illegal occupation of it by Israel is unacceptable.

Rana Basharat Ali Khan has warned the UAE that strengthening Israel’s foothold in the Middle East will have serious consequences. He has taken a very wrong step, but we hope that he will soon realize his mistake. Will be and she postponed her contract.

Rana Basharat Ali said that the UAE-Israel agreement was aimed at consolidating President Trump’s candidacy in the US elections in November, which is why it was announced in Washington.

He described the agreement as “shameful” and said it would have “dangerous consequences” for the United Arab Emirates and Israel, while increasing US involvement in the Middle East.

Rana Basharat Ali says that the people of history and the region have never forgotten the “hypocritical behavior” of the UAE on the agreement with Israel.

Rana Basharat Ali said that the Pakistani community in the UK fully stands with its Palestinian brothers

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