The War on Terror has inadvertently played a major role in creating a world where today we are more unsafe than ever.


Human Rights abuse worldwide is escalating daily.

The War on Terror has inadvertently played a major role in creating a world where today we are more unsafe than ever.


Extremism and radicalization is synonymous to terror attacks.

-AND BECAUSE EXTREMISM NEVER gets ERADICATED IN THIS WAY, THERE always remain the elements for IT to resurface in the future.

You cannot change the minds of people with USE OF FORCE.

The War on Terror concentrates MUCH of its efforts in Muslim countries. Yet Pre 9/11 there were rarely any TERROR ATTACK cases from those countries. TODAY IT IS the norm to see terror attacks daily on our television screens.

This year alone we have had 3 terror attacks in the UK, at the same time we also witnessed numerous attacks in Muslim countries where fatalities have been much greater.

Whilst Governments are quick to point out that there is no link between terrorism and Islam, the MEDIA in the West has been quick to point fingers that raise the Islam phobic tempo WITHIN COMMUNITIES.

The level of attacks in THE UK and Europe against innocent MUSLIMS has escalated after each terror attack.

Mosques have be vandalized and people have undergone viscous verbal and physical attacks.

Whilst Governments seem to be preaching PEACE, the MEDIA appears to be beating the WAR DRUMS and this is creating fear and divisions within communities.

There are some Muslim countries where peaceful co existence is present but in other Muslim countries terror attacks has become a daily way of life.

What are the reasons for the differences?

In recent years, A NUMBER OF Acts of Terror in developed countries have been carried out by white, non-Muslims individuals.

In each case they are referred to as “LONE WOLF TERRORIST”,

Yet when a Muslim carries out a similar attack, the threat of terror becomes amplified with media hype and fake news, that create fear WITHIN whole communities.

The War on Terror and the manner in which it has been conducted has created further hatred in the Muslim world.

-the employment of drones in Afghanistan for example is NOT EXACTLY conducive towards love.

The War on Terror has been a costly AND catastrophic for the COUNTRIES AND IT HAS WRECKED millions of lives —LEAVING A WORLD IN TURMOIL.

You just have to look at the current refugee crisis and the exodus of people seeking safety in the West. This in turn has created social barriers, divisions and mistrust in communities in the western countries.

The Human toll has been immeasurable.

The top five riches Muslim countries: Qatar, Kuwait, Brunei, UAE and Oman, have the highest literacy levels and as a percentage they are somewhere in their 90’s.

Contrary to this the poorest Muslim countries(Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria, Somalia) have literacy levels below 50%.

Terror attacks in the poorest countries is a daily occurrence and -THERE appears to be a direct relationship between Poverty levels & illiteracy and the rise of EXTREMISM

Further whilst Iraq, Iran, Syria have literacy levels in their 90’s. they have all been affected by economical sanctions .

Iraq and Syria has literally been destroyed by the War on Terror.

This has long term implications for a safer world.

Post war GDP in Syria has tumbled as has Transportation revenue and the value of the lira currency has dropped to less than 50% pre war level.

International sanctions have played the major role towards the civil war in Syria, and in turn further depressing the economy of Syria.

And Un employment levels touching 60%

How will all this impact the society, and the next generation? When the youth of today mature in the next decade what will they have to turn to?

If the War on Terror is creating poverty in these countries then it is also allowing very circumstances seen for extremism to flourish.

The war on terror is in fact setting the platform for FURTHER WARS – It does not allow these countries to prosper and flourish!!

Just as FORCE can do nothing to change the mindset of people, suppressing the will of the people has the same effect.

Look at the situation in Jammu Kashmir. -The FORGOTTEN PEOPLE

– Where Human Rights abuses occur on a daily basis and have been SO for the last 70years, yet the world carries on as if nothing is happening.

Is it not the duty of the Government to cater for the safety of the people? Yet India’s Special Forces Act gives its armed forces the unrestricted power to detain, arrest at will whoever it wishes and there are stories of untold violence, deaths and rapes of Kashmiri women whilst in custody.

The lack of media coverage hides the extensive nature of Human Rights Abuse taking place throughout Jammu Kashmir by the Indian Forces.

So what to do?

The Western Governments are now duty bound, (and the Indian Government should take note)

-to compensate and help rebuild the very countries they have destroyed.

They cannot and must not leave countries behind wrecked and broken. . If POVERTY AND ILLITERACY leads to extremism and terror attacks, then they need to work on those very areas to reshape the minds of the people and rebuild nations.

2-Western Governments must become more ever involved in the Economical Redevelopment in an engaging manner using fair trading principles on a new unprecedented level.

3-create and implement Education programs – Phycology for Children- that start from very young age and teaches the universal principles of fairness and honesty and inclusiveness that form part of the development of children to adulthood but in line with their cultural and religious values.

If terrorism, and radicalization in the west is to stop then the War on Terror has to change its stance and approach. In its current form it is leading to destruction of countries and causing in turn massive human suffering.

The Allied Governments must help to rebuild the lives of millions of innocent people, and put in place the fabrics for their societies to flourish.

Thank you.

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