The Indian Propaganda exposed by Basharat Ali Khan (Brave Lion of Muslim world)

The detailed discussions regarding the Indian propagandas have been made on daily basis at various platforms including print media and digital media. And even this was the reason behind the disintegration of Pakistan, as many of the Indian intellectuals and historians have recorded this in their books that through effective propaganda against Pakistan, India succeeded in disintegrating Pakistan. India could never have a stable international policy since the Indian government is always involved in democratic propagandas for personal benefit. Few new faces running the anti-Pakistan propaganda were introduced but the real characters remained the same who worked against the Pakistan since beginning. When MQM was established, within very less time, it got control over Karachi (Pakistan’s economical hub) and thus got control over the economy, culture, politics and the society under leadership of its originator Altaf Hussain. With its establishment, the use of automatic weapons was introduced into Karachi. India have been involved in manipulating the Pakistan from inside out, this helped to raise a terrorist organization named Tehreek Taliban Pakistan who worked under the slogan of imposing Islamic law and started killing innocent people. There are numerous killings in the name of protecting rights of Baloch people and thus terrorist activities were carried out all over Pakistan. All these movements shared various political conspiracies. This complicated war waged within Pakistan under disguise of Baluchistan and engulfed the whole country within no time.
Even after all of this, Pakistan kept resisting all the conspiracies and propagandas done by India against our national identity. At last, when it became impossible for the enemies of Pakistan to operate within Pakistan and execute terrorist activities, they started secret propaganda war against Pakistan. Rallies and protests were held in the favor of tribal area militants supporting muhajirs. This didn’t stopped here, in these rallies the first time Altaf Hussain and people working for PTM were seen together. The Indian terrorist agency RAW acquired land in front of UN building on rent and established a tent for propaganda against Pakistan on permanent basis. Some of the fabricated stories of torture of Pakistani army against muhajirs were told by the people hired for universities. With this, such hired traitors were arranged to meet with the foreign ministers. They used to convince them for separation of Baluchistan, KPK and Karachi from Pakistan. This propaganda is going for the last couple of years passed.
Mr. Basharat Ali Khan also known as Rajl Ul Sultan has witnessed the walls of marquees full of anti-Pakistan army banners. The marquees were always named as “Global Chair” whenever the procession of Human Rights was held in the UN building and there was an increase observed in the number of guests. There are special guests who are invited to this marquee to express their anti-Pakistan propaganda on heavy hourly payments. All these activities become source of pain for the Pakistanis residing in Geneva. All the overseas Pakistanis try to counter it within their limited resources. Sometimes, these anti-Pakistan

agents arrange the banners on the local transport that usually highlight the Indian killings committed in Indian Held Kashmir and the minorities. Indians are spending billions of dollars for the anti-Pakistan army propaganda which cannot be countered by Pakistanis living in Geneva. They have also established an organization of Human Rights under the leadership of Rana Basharat Ali Khan whose goal is to unveil the dirty face of India to all the other countries of the world. They really don’t want any money to counter the Indian propaganda but supervision of Pakistani government. They want support from the government officials and even the media to overthrow the Indian established marquee called to be as “Global Chair”.
A detailed report released by the EU’s Info Lab, a research organization working on fake news in the European Union, identifies the organizations that meet regularly at the UN Human Rights Council every year and work for the anti-Pakistan campaign. According to the research report, the fabric of these organizations goes back to Sri Vastu Group, an unknown business entity in India. According to the report, the entire network, which includes non-governmental organizations (NGOs), their affiliates and all fake news websites, has not been linked to the Indian government, but it is clear that it was. The purpose of the work is to promote the Indian narrative and to criticize Pakistan in particular. “The most disturbing thing about the whole network is that with the help of fake NGOs and fake websites, they make a statement that this position seems to have the support of the general public. And that’s exactly what “misinformation” is all about. In November, the EU Info Lab revealed that there were more than 260 fake news websites in more than 65 countries around the world designed to influence the European Union and the United Nations in India’s interest. They have been found repeatedly criticizing Pakistan. These websites are spreading anti-Pakistan propaganda to promote the interests of the Indian government.
All the Pakistani people are so proud of Mr. Basharat Ali Khan who successfully exposed all the conspiracies and propagandas that were planned by the anti-Pakistan agents and organizations that were planning to destroy the National harmony of Pakistan. We hope that such great efforts will be shown by such great men who are merely proud of Pakistan again and again whenever we will face any difficult situation.

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