Persecution of Kashmiri Muslims in Occupied Kashmir is unbearable.

The bigotry of the Indian government is on the rise. The shelling of civilians by the Indian Army on Azad Kashmir is a telling proof of Indian aggression. The persecution of Kashmiri Muslims in Occupied Kashmir is unbearable and the stubbornness of the Indian government is at its peak.According to UN resolutions, the Indian government should allow Kashmiris to decide according to their right to self-determination. I strongly condemn the Indian government for forcibly depriving Kashmiris of their rights. Chairman Human Rights Movement Rana Basharat Ali expressed these views while talking to journalists on the phone.He further said that India was using its soil against Pakistan as a hotbed of terrorist organizations. It is training and sending terrorists to Balochistan who are involved in terrorist activities in Pakistan. The Indian government is supporting terrorist organizations in Pakistan.Evidence of terrorism and funding in Pakistan through India’s Afghanistan has been presented to the world but the criminal silence of the world is surprising. There are credible reports that the Indian consulate in Afghanistan is involved in a conspiracy against Pakistan.There are 66 Indian training centers in Afghanistan and 21 in India.Indian Colonel Rajesh in Afghanistan is in touch with terrorist organizations, while India recently transferred 30 ISIS terrorists to and around Pakistan.India provides training and weapons to terrorists,India forms consortium of banned organizations,Indian intelligence agency is funding its frontman in other countries,the Indian agency RAW funds its frontmen through third countries. Money has been sent to Afghanistan from India for terrorism.RAW was also involved in Peshawar Agriculture University and APS. Videos of these attacks were uploaded from Afghanistan.India forms special militia to harm C-Pak in Balochistan,India formed a 700-member militia against C-Pak.India has invested 30 million in a terrorist camp in Kandahar.India recently relocated 30 ISIS terrorists to and from Pakistan to conduct operations in Pakistan.The Altaf Hussain group was funded by the Indian intelligence agency RAW through two companies.Ajmal Pahari acknowledged that India trains the Altaf Hussain group. Ajmal Pahari admitted before the Chief Justice that India has set up 4 camps.India provided ڈالر 0.5 million in funding for the PC Gwadar attack. The mastermind of the terrorist attack on PC Gwadar was RAW officer Anurag Singh.India is distributing billions of rupees to banned organizations.There is also evidence of support for TTP by RAW.India pays 23.5 million for chaos in Balochistan.Indian embassies in Afghanistan are co-sponsoring Baloch factions.BLA terrorist Aslam Achho was undergoing treatment at an Indian hospital.Dr. Nazar has links with the Indian intelligence agency RAW.LA and BLF were involved in the attacks on the Pearl Continental Hotel in Gwadar.There is audio of Dr. Allah Nazar’s contacts with RAW.Dr. Allah Nazar traveled to India on a fake Afghan passport.Indian Bardo, suicide jackets were used in the PSX attack.Malik Fereydoon also had links with the Indian intelligence agency.After the APS attack, Malik Fereydoon went to the Indian Consulate in Afghanistan to celebrate.India also planned to assassinate important personalities in Pakistan.Numerous terror plots have failed due to the efforts of Pakistani intelligence agencies.

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